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Questions And Answers

Questions And Answers
By ugrosy [Level: novice ] 0 Posts, 213 Views & 1 Likes. 12:14pm On Jun 01 2017 ( ugrosy)

1). Why is Sociology a Science? Sociology is a social science because it makes use of scientific methodologies such as observation, neutrality, objectivity and reason.

2) What is the argument of Thomas Hobbes and why did Jacques Jean and John Locke criticised him?

Thomas Hobbes believed strongly that man is wicked, cruel and vile by nature and if not changed, he can destroy the society. And to change man or bring man and his state of nature under control, we need someone and institutions to keep him under control. This is why an absolute government becomes necessary.

Jacques Jean and John Locke criticized Thomas Hobbes by propounding alternative form of social contract. According to them, man is duty bond to obey the government if that government is providing for his welfare. If not, he can bring down the government at the next election. They kicked against dictatorship and it was this that brought Sociology to be studied scientifically.

3). What are the challenges in saying that sociology is a science?

A). The subject matter of sociology is society or human behaviour. Therefore, sociology is very complex and to that extend, it will be difficult to apply scientific methodology.

B). Social scientists studies society of which we are part of and therefore it is difficult to maintain neutrality and objectiviy.

C). Science can only develop where its concepts are clear and specific but Sociology concepts are vague because they are borrowed from ordinary language. They mean different things to different people.

D). Many people in the society are interested in maintaning the statics. In one condition to maintain the way they are.

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