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Social Actions Theory

Social Actions Theory
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MAX Weber(1864-1920). A German originally he was not sociologist because he studied history. It was because of his work that he became a sociologist which makes him to be fond of using historical method. This is why when ever any of his works is been read, he used historical event.
The special method he used was called Vertehen, a German word means understanding. Sociology to him must understand social action from the point of view of author. Every action has a purpose and it is the duty of the sociologist to understand that purpose from the outermost point of view. To do this, individual may use the method of participant observation. In using this methods, individual try to become part of the phenomenon he or she ia s studying. Example, if a social author want to know why children behave on the playground, he must decide to be part of that playground ,he may be a play master and when the children are there to play, he must also be there .. When children became familiar with him, they will no longer look at him as a stranger rather they will take him as part of the playground.
Weber defined Sociology as a science which attempts an interpretive understanding of social action in order to arrive at a causal explanations of cause to take place. Max Weber's theory is Social Action Theory which he defined as all human behaviour oriented towards other people in which the author attach a subjective meaning to what they do.
From this perspective, social behaviour refers not only towards inter acting parties do but also what they think, feel and otherwise exper

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